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 Hi Tina; The skin care is unbelievable I absolutely  love the products I've used it for about a week and can notice an amazing difference. I will be ordering more products when I get back from vacation... thank you Tina for your help ..  Joan K.
Hi Tina,Just wanted to give you feedback on my recent order. The travel size containers are GREAT! What a nifty design. And thanks for the samples also.Regards,Bonnie R.
Tina,I wanted to thank you for helping me with my questions the other day.  I was pleased when my order arrived TODAY!  Now that is fast service!  I will definately be returning for more product.  Thank you so much!Amy D.
​Hi, Tina,I too have used your products for 20 years.  Just thought I would say that I am 73 and no one believes it!! 60, maybe? Thanks, Eva Skin Care!Bea B.I love this stuff and will be recommending it to all my friends.Gina W.
I love Tu'el products!Best,E. Field
Thanks Tina!  I appreciate the good customer service you provide.  I will probably submit an order sometime next month.  In general my supplies are good, as I ordered more cleansing oil last month.  As always, the package arrived very quickly.  Tracy S
Hi Tina, thank you so much for the email and for you wonderful products. My grandma and both of my aunts live by your line so I had to take their word and try it out for myself. I am more than happy and so glad I finally found a skin care line that I can depend on. I will use Eva Skin Care forever!! Thank you again,Jackie.
Thanks Tina!  My products are great and my skin has never looked better.  I quit wearing foundation several months ago.  I love it! Tracy S.
Thanks Tina for getting right on my order and sending it in record time!!!     I just can't believe you do this so fast.   I really love Eva products and so does my mom.   Thanks again and I did get everything in great condition. It's always great doing business with you,  Mary H.
Hi Tina,Thanks so much for your email.I received the order yesterday.  I love how smooth my skin feels after using both products.ThanksEllen 
Tina, Thank you for your quick attention and response. Your customer service is second to none! Take a bow! Adelheid B. A.
Hi!A friend told me about your product line recently, because I had noticed how clear her skin had become.  She also said that she noticed a dramatic difference just from using the samples!  I would also like to try your product for a few days to see if it will work for me.  I've tried everything from Proactive to Arbonne and nothing has worked or even been beneficial to my skin. 
​Thank you
,J. Klehm
Hi Tina!I just wanted to let you know that the travel skin care kit arrived a few days ago. Thank you SO much for it- you are wonderful! K. Christensen

Hi Tina!I cannot tell you how much I love the Triple Splash! Oh my gosh! That is an amazing product and has made a HUGE difference with my skin - even in just the short time I've been using it. It's my new favorite! I just ordered 2 more 8 oz bottles because I want to share the love with others! M. Nielson